TRADIEpreneur Program

This might be our definition of the TRADIEpreneur, but we all know that the most common reality is;

An Innovative Tradie has to juggle family, friends, health, wellbeing, work, time, quoting, invoicing, banking, estimating, job management, paperwork, long hours, compliance, regulations, contracts, tenders, debt collection, OH&S, phone calls, emails, site meetings, client enquiries, customer complaints, fleet management, counselling, employees, partners, recruiting, training, networking, suppliers, social media, sales and marketing, just to get things started.  

Top 10 characteristics of a TRADIEpreneur: 

  • Innovative

  • Passion

  • Curiosity

  • Adaptability

  • Decisiveness

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Team Building

  • Harness Technology

  • Persistence

  • Goal Oriented

Join an “Unlock the TRADIEpreneur in You” session;

  • The steps to becoming a TRADIEpreneur

  • Self assessment and gap analysis

  • Going from Good to Great

  • Building your TRADIEpreneur Toolkit


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"Business Fitness Group" are proud to be supporting Tradies in their journey to TRADIEpreneurship