Tradie Tales – Vaccaro Group with Genevieve Bruzzese #64

Genevieve Bruzzese,  The Chief Operating Officer of “The Vaccaro Group“

Genevieve has a lifetime connection to the Vaccaro Group as she grew up within the family business started by her parents Sam and Rose Vaccaro. We hear about those early memories and experiences growing up in a family business environment. Genevieve trained as a Lawyer specialising in employment law and practiced law and policy advising at both state and federal levels. Genevieve shares how having experience in a family Tradie business gave her valuable experience when applying those insights into the role as an  employment Lawyer.

Genevieve talks us through the decision to join the family business and how this career change came about. Genevieve steps us through the transformation she and Cameron have taken the business through with a big focus on digitising processes to drive higher quality and productivity, improving communications within and outside the business. Building the whole business around an operating system that helped to drive better processes, tracking, job management, accounting, transparency and customer satisfaction  amongst many other business benefits. 

We discus how Genevieve has taken Vaccaro Group went through the ISO accreditation process in Quality and Health Safety and Environment. We gain insights as to why this accreditation is so important to the Vaccaro Group, to their employees and to their customers. As you will hear it is a thorough and detail process in gaining the ISO accreditation that has significant advantages once it is achieved in constant quality improvement.

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