Tradie Tales – UNIQ YOU & Hutchinson Builders #65

Tanya Meessmann, The Chief Executive Officer of “UNIQ YOU“ Jack Hutchinson  Associate Director at Hutchinson Builders and Mark Kucks National Indigenous Manager & Social Responsibility, Hutchinson Builders.

The theme for this one is around increasing the participation of women in building and construction trades careers. We get to understand what UNIQ YOU are setting out to achieve in supporting a pipeline for talented women to be attracted, recruited and trained in the  trades of construction. UNIQ YOU has identified the current concerning participation numbers of women in construction and is addressing the early pipeline of young women by creating increased education and pathway programs with high school girls at 50 schools in SE Queensland in stage one, with the ambition to scale the rollout across the country. This initiative will connect with 600 – 2000 girls in year one and ramping up to over 10K into the near future.

We also hear about Hutchinson Builders and how they are fully invested in supporting this progress of more talented women into their organisation and what they are doing to correct this under representation of women in construction careers. They have recognised they can make a real difference and as a leader in the industry are committed to making this change real. Jack shares how he sees this approach more aligned to success than just applying a quota without being fully supported with the education and promotion of these career opportunities with young women.

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