Tradie Tales – Tradie Websites with Bloomtools #60

Andrew Osborn, Website and Digital Marketing Owner of Bloomtools

Andrew has rich experience in business development, sales and marketing that has progressed into a passion for supporting Tradie businesses to capitalise on and gain greater success online.

Andrew takes us through some on the key aspects of the how websites work including Key words, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Page names, URL, Google My Business, Google ratings, mobile friendly, software updates etc. This is the real expertise that Andrew and the team at Bloomtools bring to Tradie businesses to ensure the user experience gives you the best chance of attracting customers that need you. We discus the importance of the customer journey and how the ads, links or posts need to be a good experience for the customer and each click takes them to right options, aligned to their needs, quickly and simply.

Content is king in a good website, and we talk about how Bloomtools are helping Tradies set up their website in achieving the best results, support, service and advice in achieving your ambitions. Bloomtools see this as a partnership and work through the process all the way while training you to become proficient in using the website and setting you up for success as your business grows.

We close by understanding the very user-friendly system Bloomtools offers unique outcomes , provides simplicity, easy editing, easy updating, complete services, extensive web tools,  plus more to give you the best results.

Andrew and the Bloomtools Team are committed to making a difference for you and your Tradie website and digital marketing strategy.

We talk all thing websites and get to understand the important things to consider in having a really  effective website presence. The first reason for the need foe a website is to develop credibility as a business, sharing your expertise, your brand, what you do, where you do it, including the products and services you offer. It is the showcase of your business, sells your story 24/7, creates enquiries and more business.

One of the main reasons Tradies should have a website is for your business is to increase your business’ credibility. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression to potential customers and gives them comfort that you’re a professional and expert business who can meet their needs.


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