Tradie Tales – Trade-O innovating Tradie recruitment #52

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Renee Boardman, The Founder and Director of Trade-O. We get to hear Renee’s journey and experiences as an automotive refinisher Tradie in New Zealand and the move to travelling and living in many parts of Australia before identifying the opportunity to improve the Tradie recruitment process and the launching of Trade-O to help Tradies connect.

Renee takes us through the conversion of this idea into a platform that could meet the needs of Tradie recruitment and the changes that are occurring during the beta stages of the Trade-O platform. We explore the gap in the market that Renee identified, the existing recruitment process limitations, more effectively identifying skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications in this process as the inspiration for starting Trade-O.

Renee talks to us about how finding a job or skilled workers in the construction industry can be tough, which is why Tradie-O is 100% for direct recruitment. With Trade-O there is no middle-man taking a cut and both Tradies & Employers are free to negotiate their own terms! Renee take us through the whole process and some of the unique features that are focused on giving Tradies and Tradie businesses a better option and better outcome.

Trade-O helps Tradies and Tradie businesses including; search for a job, find a Tradie, list a new job vacancy or get a job quoted.

If you’re a Tradie looking for a new opportunity or a Tradie looking for more Tradies then what Renee has to share about Trade-O is well worth the listen.

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