Tradie Tales – The Vaccaro Group #53

Cameron Bruzzese, The General Manager of the Vaccaro Group.

We start out with Cameron sharing his journey from studying a Business Management Degree at UWS and during this time did part time labouring with the Vaccaro Group amongst other part time jobs to get through those Uni years. Cameron became part of the family when marrying his wife Genevieve with Sam and Rose Vaccaro becoming his in-laws and asked Sam for the opportunity to become an apprentice electrician and completed his trade with the company. Cameron quickly built trust and respect within the business and moved into the office of the business before finally becoming the General Manager of Vaccaro Group with Genevieve the COO of the Group.

Cameron talks through the changes, challenges and struggles that the transition of the successful business that Sam & Rose started in 1984 and the need to align with the current needs including technology, process, modernisation and the mindset shifts required to move the business forward. Cameron talks about the value and importance of the business coach and the role they played in mediating some of those tough conversations and different points of view.

We have a great discussion about the importance of business process, digitisation, operating systems, technology, communication flow, efficiencies, operations and job management. We then move onto the importance of being a family business, people, culture, motivation, performance and rewards in keeping the team engaged, happy and productive. The Vaccaro Group is a great story in the journey for a Tradie business to simplify, modernise and digitise and the value that comes from that investment.

Cameron takes us through the insights in what the business wanted to stand for and define the business. They knew that great service to home builders was respected and well established, Cameron talks about some of the strategies that they put in place to take this service to a new level for their customers. We close out with a discussion on the value of strong partnerships and the contributions from both sides that make a difference. The Vaccaro Group has a very strong and long-established relationships with the Clipsal, Daikin & Panasonic Brands and the value these relationship bring to them and their customers.

This is a great Tradie Tale and insights into a great Tradie business.


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