Tradie Tales – KARE Group Aust. – Harry Karefilakis #62

Harry Karefilakis, Managing Director, Kare Group Australia

Harry takes us through Kare Group Australia, a diverse Electrical Contracting business covering construction, service, Maintenance, electrical auditing, security  and air conditioning. Harry gives us an early lesson on social media and how using the self described Electrical Extraordinaire and how this has been a springboard to engaging with more potential customers and converting them into clients. Harry shares how LinkedIn still allows organic reach as compared to other platforms that required paid advertising to get a greater reach. We talk about the early resilience that Harry developed before finally getting a chance to start in the industry and received a call from DESA to begin his journey as a sparky.

Harry was awarded the 2020 Winner Melbourne Young Entrepreneur and he takes us through the process that led to being honoured with this title. Harry shares his insights to what it takes to really make it in a Tradie business including hard work, networking, building strong relationships, learning, good people and marketing.

We explore the things that keep Harry awake at night and off course during the Covid  lockdowns the real focus on his team of 34 and looking after them with rotating rosters and keeping them going. We also touch on recruitment and Harry shares his insights into attributes that Kare look for and their approach to find people that fit the Kare Group mould ,culture and values. You will hear Harry genuine passion for people and the value his places on his people. Harry invest time into training, supporting and learning for each of his team and shares these stories.

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