Tradie Tales – iElectrical and Communications #66

Matt Downie, Director and Founder of iElectrical and Communications

We have an excellent chat with Matt about his journey from apprentice electrician through to award winning business owner with iElectrical based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Matt talks about how he almost become a carpenter before accepting and apprenticeship with Watters Electrical who were the major sponsor of Matt’s Footy Club, Sturt at the time. We talk about how owning a business was something Matt always had the motivation and ambition to achieve and with the support of his wife decided to make the jump from employee to business owner. You will hear a familiar story of Matt subbying in the start for a few days a week as he built his own customer base and operating as a sole trader.

Matt shares the important lessons and experience he gained form Watters and the other Tradie businesses he worked with before making the jump and how his internal drive was a big factor in giving it a crack. iElectrical has been operating for just 5 years and currently employs 18 Tradies with a  focus on 2 teams supporting Projects & Service.

Matt shares great insights into managing the current business environment, impacts to growth, supply chain and material costs in the current market. We spend time talking about the importance of people, recruiting, the right people and culture needed for iElectrical. Matt shares how nurturing and servicing the iElectrical customers needs are important to success and the team need to be able to bring value to those needs. Being organised, motivated, having pride and loving what they do have been a real key to identifying and bringing new employees into the business.

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