Tradie Tales – A Commercial Tradies Perspective #51

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Tracey Wyber, Managing Director of Trackie Industries. We start out by getting an understanding of Tracey’s journey in becoming part of the Tradie world and now the Managing Director of Trackie Industries.

This story will be quite familiar to the many, many thousands of wives, husbands, partners, families that are operating their Tradie business together. Tracey talks about the transition from Teacher, Mum to four children and the leap of faith into a Tradie business.

Tracey talks about the great opportunities and potential gold mine that Tradie businesses can provide and how their business coach was such an important part of the start out journey. Tracey shares the interesting story on how the name Trackie was introduced as the businesses name and the fondness that has come over time before talking more specifically about the important role Tracey plays in the business and the real focus on the financial aspects of business success. Trackie Industries has grown from Sole-trader to a team of 7 over 3 years and we look at this growth phase.

Tracey talks about their passion and focus on sustainability and energy management, but shares the insight how their customers didn’t necessarily buy into their passion and value just on energy management and sustainability alone. The buying decision of the customers have other considerations that may override their importance placed on environmental concerns at the point of purchase. This led to repositioning the marketing back to their core as Commercial Air Conditioning, Fire Compliance & Electrical Experts.

Tracey then talks about an event that really impacted both Tracey and Brad and the outcome from this situation. This is one of the more powerful stories about life, business, family and adversity that is all to often experienced with Tradie businesses and is sure to get you rethinking your WHY? Tracey shares in detail how they worked through this challenging time, together they invested in refocusing and identifying their Why, built the plan to get to the Why and how they have implemented strategies to make the transition to this important business destination.

Tracey talks about how having the WHY back, builds the excitement, joy, motivation, happiness, fun and energy needed to take on the challenges of running their Tradie business.

There is no doubt that many Tradies and Tradie business owners, will connect with this “all to often” heard Tradie story and maybe help you to catch yourself a little earlier to get the balance back and put plans in place to fix it before it escalates to a much more challenging and serious situation.

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