Tradie Tales – Insights of a Builder #EP31

In this show Ash & JW are joined by chippy & builder Joe Dageforde the Director and Founder of 4 Shore Projects.  Joe has really rich experience in construction and the high pressure world of project management. Joe takes us through some of the challenges life has put in front of him and the actions and steps he has taken in moving from employee to employer when starting his Tradie business.

We explore the real challenges of going from a resource rich company environment to being responsible for everything “I am everyone” when he first started the business. Joe shares some fantastic insights into how he sought out experts in other fields to build a good business foundation particularly around bookkeeping and accounting support to set it up the right way in the early stages of the business.

Joe shares many of the tips and tricks that Tradies who are thinking of starting a business or even looking to grow their business will find extremely valuable and shares some great tales about business relationships with clients, subbies, suppliers etc. and why a good mindset in this space can make a big difference. We explore the importance and being humble and how resilience is a great attribute when running a Tradie business.

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