Tradie Tales – A pair of experienced Sparky’s #EP34

In this show Ash & JW are joined by two very experienced and successful Tradie business owners; Matt McGarry from Nelson Bay Electrical Services & Bob Cross from BCE & CJ Electrical. Both of these Tradies have vast experience in running their own Tradie businesses and share their stories from the early days of starting out, through to the way the businesses look today.

One of the key messages from this show is how they both came to the realisation that the business needed to transform to be be more effective and efficient in its operations. Bob talks about the growth in BCE Electrical that led to the acquisition of the CJ Electrical to build their capacity and that CJ had a business management program already established that ultimately needed to move across the entire business.

Matt shares a similar story about the growth in their business and the pros and cons that come with a larger team as well as the importance of finding the time to make the change to introduce a business management system to help them run their operations.

Both businesses did their due diligence looking at what offers were available and decided on imbedding SIMPRO into the business processes. They take us through their experiences in the introduction and some of the natural challenges that come with the introduction of any new system or process. Both Matt and Bob share the many benefits they have seen in their businesses as a result of introducing SIMPRO and a real insight that will be beneficial to other Tradies about the importance and value that a good business process can deliver around productivity, job management, resource management and improving overall business performance.

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