Tips & Tricks Series – Concept Electrical Estimating #EP42

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Clint Hewish, Director and Founder of Concept Electrical Estimating with Jack Clarke, Director of CEE. They share their stories from stonemason and landscapers to Sparky’s to master estimators. They talk about their experience in working with large Tradie businesses and the expertise they developed in electrical estimating and structured processes during that time.

They identified the special skills required to be an effective estimator and an understanding that many Tradies either don’t enjoy estimating or don’t have the required skills to be able to estimate accurately and consistently. This led to the starting of Concept Electrical Estimating which is set up to support Tradies that wish to outsource this function to these experts and make CEE an extension of their Tradie business. 100% of all CEE Estimators are experienced Sparky’s who understand the intricacies of electrical installations and processes ensuring the accuracy and professionalism of the estimations you put forward in your tenders, quotations and submissions.

They talk about the challenges of design and construct and the risks associated to not having good drawings, documentation and experience in understanding the scope, variations and exclusions that may or may not be included in your submission.

They highlight the fact that estimating is a cost to business and with their expertise, the amount of time taken is reduced and the quality of the estimation increased making it a great option for those Tradie businesses looking to put their energy into the things that they do best. With CEE you have Tradies working with Tradies, which will give you the confidence and peace of mind in working with the CEE team.

Finally, they share the real tips and tricks that Tradies need to be aware of when dealing with estimating and the importance of good documentation including the risks and dangers of ignoring these, as well as the need to build relationships with the people you are planning to work with. Clint & Jack’s passion and enthusiasm provides a great insight into the estimating process.

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