Tips & Tricks Series – Trades Women Australia #EP36

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Fiona McDonald, Executive Director and Founder of Trades Women Australia.

Fiona takes us through her experience and observations as a light vehicle apprentice and shares insights as a young women working in a male dominant industry and the inspiration that came from that experience.

Tradeswomen Australia was established to encourage, recruit and retain women in skilled trade roles that are male-dominated. They support industries to capitalise on previously untapped workers through the engagement of all stakeholders and by leading large scale culture change projects. By recognising the need for change in social attitudes they support businesses to take the lead and remove the barriers for women who wish to enter their trade.

Building relationships and establishing partnerships with business and industry, Fiona developed and implemented strategies to increase the participation of women in trades. With rounded experience, Fiona understands the opportunities of gender equity in male-dominated industries. Fiona values workplace diversity and works with employers to help them achieve benefits such as higher employee engagement, Improved performance, Greater innovation, Retention of talent, Improved employee wellbeing and remove unlawful behaviours such as harassment and discrimination.

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