Tips & Tricks Series – Trade Business Training #EP41

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Jeremy Thornton, Director of Trade Business Training. Innovative Tradies Club is very fortunate to have Jeremy leading the business training focus for our members and brings a rich history of working with Tradies and Tradie businesses. Jeremy takes us through his beginnings as a land surveyor, civil engineering and project management working with small business and in his search for basic business models and plans, found there wasn’t one that met his needs and was simple to implement. He developed his passion and his extensive experience in business training and insights while working within his family’s small business and then into many other SME & Tradie businesses.

He quickly discovered that a large amount of Tradie businesses had great experience on the tools but less knowledge and understanding in business principals and processes which has led him to creating Trade Business Training and working with Tradies to upskill in the key areas of those small business essentials such as the importance of knowing the numbers, pricing for profit, seeking out the right expertise and support, developing good people, effective operations , developing a routine and shifting from Tradie mindset to business owner mindset.

All Tradies are sure get some great tips and tricks from what Jeremy shares during this podcast and for Innovative Tradies Club members the chance to understand and use the framework, process and learning that Jeremy and Trade Business Training has developed to fast track Tradies success in some of those key elements of running their Tradie business. Its not a case of telling Tradies what to do, but supporting them in setting up a business foundation that is sustainable and profitable.

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