Tips & Tricks Series – ePlumbing Estimators #EP38

In this show Ash & JW are joined by the Director and Founder of ePlumbing Estimators, Lynton May. Lynton began his Tradie career as an apprentice plumber in South Australia back in 1972 and spent time with several Plumbing businesses before developing his passion for estimating and spent a lot of his time estimating for those businesses and picking up on their systems and processes. Lynton decided to go out and start his own plumbing business where he continued to utilise what he had learned from the experience he gained within the industry. A family issue led to Lynton reconsidering his role in the industry and how he could continue to generate revenue during these challenges.

Lynton had learned from all his industry experience that successful businesses needed a good process and the need to be methodical in their adherence to that process, so he founded ePlumbing Estimators. ePlumbing Estimators can handle all plumbing and drainage estimating needs. They have experience in all facets of the market including Hi & low rise residential, Commercial, Industrial, Shopping Centre’s, Health Care Projects, Civil drainage projects and Infrastructure works.

ePlumbing Estimators have invested in the latest estimating software technology to be able to provide fast and accurate takeoffs, to ensure that their clients can submit accurate and competitive tenders. All Projects are measured using an on-screen take-off system, which ensures a high level of accuracy.

Lynton goes on to share many tips and tricks that will really resonate with Tradies and he shares his experiences in a context that all Tradies will get value from, particularly around how important estimating is in the success of Tradie businesses and the additional focus on project management to ensure it comes in on time and on budget. Lynton also shares why SimPRO is so valuable in the Tradies business processes and seamlessly integrates with ePlumbing Estimators software.

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