Tips & Tricks Series – Private Health Cover with Medibank #43

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Matthew Cooper, Business Development Manager, Medibank.

Matthew is a health insurance expert with many years experience within the sector and a fitness fanatic, particularly running and has a passion for health and wellbeing. Matthew shares how health insurance is important to business owners in looking after the needs of their people, used to engage, attract and retain as well as support their employees.

We discus the considerations that Tradies should make in choosing the right options and inclusions for the best cover that will meet their needs. Being a Tradie can be quite physically demanding and some of those niggles might require Chiro, Physio, massage etc. to better manage the situation and to keep you or your team on the job whilst reducing down time. Matthew highlights the key points of difference between public health care coverage and the key advantages of Medibank’s coverage which gives Tradies the peace of mind and priority treatments when you need them the most.

Matthew explains the flexibility Medibank provides Tradies with the tailored extras cover to build a policy that is fully aligned to the care and treatments most relevant to you and your needs. Medibank has implemented a central limit so that you can maximise the coverage in the areas you most need. We talk about the importance of not making your health coverage “set and forget” and that you can seek out Medibank’s experts to build the right cover for your current needs remembering we are all different, so your cover needs to reflect those of your individual needs.

Medibank make it easy to get the right advice, the right solution, the right coverage and at a fair price for Tradies and their families with Innovative Tradies Club members gaining their own dedicated special deals and support.

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