Tips & Tricks Series – Health & Performance Collective #EP30

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Chloe McLeod the Co-Owner of Health and Performance Collective. Chloe and Health and Performance Collective have a proven track record in working with high performance teams and athletes to ensure their health and nutrition decisions put them in peak condition to perform at their best. Chloe shares this experience in the context for Tradies to consider their health and nutrition options and to enable effective balanced diets and eating habits.

Chloe helps in simplifying the way we can think about preparing and choosing the meals and snacks we consume. We discuss how this intake can improve our energy, performance and health by starting small and building up over time to reach the overall goals and outcomes we might commit to. 

Chloe shares insights into the balance of Protein, Carbohydrate, Colours & Healthy Fats, being kind to yourself as you make changes, choosing options you enjoy eating and that are satisfying in meeting your hunger levels. Plus so many other tips and tricks to help you think differently about health and performance.

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