Tips & Tricks Series – Safety with Everything OH&S #EP19

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Tracey Cameron, Director and Founder of Everything OH&S.  Tracey brings rich experience in the Occupational Health and Safety environment with a strong passion and focus in preventative safety. Tracey takes us through the pioneering way that Everything OH&S filled a gap in helping businesses to access the right information and best position their business around mitigating and managing risk and implementing safety procedures.

Tracey shares some really relevant tips and tricks for Tradies, insights that Tradies can put into practice, ways to develop the right safety knowledge and effective ways in applying the codes of practice. Tracey also confirms that  open communication is one of the important keys to changing the culture and improving safety awareness. Tracey finishes with some really great offers for the premium Innovative Tradies Club members.  

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