Tips & Tricks Series – Contractors Debt Recovery #EP32

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Anthony Igra the Director and Founder of Contractors Debt Recovery. In essence Anthony and his team specialise in helping Tradies secure payments and are experts in their understanding and actioning of the “Security of Payments” Act and work with Tradie businesses who find themselves in the position of needing help in securing payments and debt recovery.

Anthony shares his vast experience and provides tips and tricks insights to help Tradies better manage their business processes and to mitigate the chances of needing to chase payments. In the event you still need to use the services of Contractors Debt Recovery; Anthony shares the types of information, evidence and documentation that is so important in building a case that can be submitted for determination.

Anthony has a real passion and enthusiasm in helping Tradies raise the bar as business owners and a genuine encouragement to build good business process so that they are in the best position to get payments they are entitled to.  

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