Tips & Tricks Series – Bulletproof My Business #EP37

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Cameron Marsden, the Director and Founder of Bulletproof my Business.

Cameron shares his story and experiences in business that found him losing $140K in a non payment of his business and the impact that this event had on him personally that also coincided with  a life changing health issue when he was diagnosed with cancer. Cameron shares the transformation that these 2 events had on his life and his perspective on business.

He talks to us about why he started Bulletproof my Business and how he has built a process to prevent bad debt and ensure businesses get paid when they implement this process. We discuss the fact that many businesses are essentially offering credit to their customers without any real protection, recourse or clarity on the terms of trade and the great risk in operating in this way. We discuss how simple the process is and make things so easy that even with absolutely no Credit process experience you can protect your business.  

We talk about how the Credit process is often skipped as it is seen as “Too hard” and encouraging businesses to make that a thing of the past!

If you run a Tradie business you need to listen to what Cameron has to share and more importantly take action to build a process that does protect your business and your cashflow. 

The Ideal Credit Process: Protects your business,  Lays the groundwork for any debt collection action needed, Creates consequences of non-payment – you are no longer at the mercy of a court, Ensures you don’t issue credit to unsafe businesses and makes you a secured creditor

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