Tips & Tricks Series – Contract compliance technology with Contraco #48

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Chris DeVoy, Founder and CEO of Contraco. Chris shares his journey from the Tamworth to Canberra to study business management before working in a large commercial furniture company in the procurement, importing and exporting of furniture. This led Chris into project management and starting his own construction fit-out company dealing with large contracts and projects. Chris found himself in a situation where the business was not paid by a builder on a large project and identified the gaps in his understanding of the complexities of contract terms and the hidden risks of not having enough experience in this area of business.

This experience motivated Chris to build a procedure to ensure other subbies didn’t have to go through the same situation and help them to interpret and be fully clear on the terms of the contract and compliant to that contract. Chris worked with IT gurus to build an App that would enable sub-contractors to be in a better position for all future contracts they chose to enter. This was the birth of “Contraco” the digital app that helps subbies to be in the best position by reducing the risk of non-payment due to the lack of clarity in complying to that contract.

Contraco is The modern, flexible contract compliance solution for builders and subcontractors that helps you to manage complex contracts across your business with their innovative contract interpretation system, manage your compliance and project obligations anywhere in real time and reduce admin time and costs by going digital with best practice procedures.

Contraco also provides transparency of the building process by evidencing due diligence of the entire project by capturing essential build data to ensure due diligence has been met by each trade, providing a single platform to deliver transparency of all process including a live compliance progress score and harvesting all critical construction information from each stakeholder making it commercially available for the rest of life management of any facility.

Chris and his team have built a technology that can help Tradies save their livelihood by reducing risk and increasing compliance and assurance whilst also reducing time in admin and duplication, saving many valuable hours to be invested in other parts of your business or with your family and friends. By investing a little time to listen to Chris now, could save you and your Tradie business a lot of time and savings in administration plus potential business saving insights into the importance of contract compliance.

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