Tips & Tricks Series – B2B Payment options with BizPay #45

In this show Ash & JW are joined by David Palummo, Executive Account Manager at BizPay. David talks about his time in recruitment consulting and specialising in SME Tradie businesses and the construction industry, during that time he noticed their need for more flexible purchasing options in making payment for those type of services. This led to David connecting with BizPay and it quickly became a natural fit to speak with Tradies about BizPay as a great option for their “business to business” transactions.

David explains that BizPay is “a buy now pay later option for B2B Transactions” David tell us how BizPay works for both getting paid and paying invoices in those B2B transactions and the positive impact it can have on the working capital as you get paid instantly for your products or services and conversely you have 120 days to make payments on your purchases with a small interest rate applied to that transaction. David also explains how simple BizPay is to use and a great payment option for your business to offer your business customers.

Have a listen to better understand BizPay and assess if it is an option for you and your Tradie business to consider.

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