Tips & Tricks – Max My Profit with Ben Fewtrell #63

Ben Fewtrell , Co-Founder of Max My Profit

Ben starts by telling us about how he started out as a Tradie in the automotive industry before spending some time trying to find the job and career that really excited and motivated him and the start of his learning in building and operating businesses.

In this show we speak with Ben to get a better understanding of what business coaching is and isn’t. Ben describes business coaching as similar to the personal trainer in a gym, business coaching set up the workout you need and holds you to account.  That is the first key, business coaching is about accountability. The second key is that qualified business coaches have done it and they know the short cuts, they have an idea of what will work and what might not. Ben shares that there are many disciplines in business and the coach can work with you on them. An example is People, typically the biggest investment in your business and managing people is a skill in its self. Business coaches help you to hone those skills.

Ben does say that business coaching is not for everyone, If you don’t like being accountable, being open minded or have the right attitude, maybe just keep doing what you do as your job (Just Over Broke). Ben goes on to say business coaches don’t have to sell themselves to you but the other way around, why should they coach you and this is all about the mindset and attitude you are taking into the relationship. A business coach will challenge you, get you focused on your goals, want be there to tell you what you want to hear all the time and when your paying them, will be honest with you and keep your focus (Follow One Course Until Successful).  

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