Tips & Tricks – Jane Challinor – Real Business Group #71

Jane Challinor, Chief of Strategy, Real Business Group.

Jane Challinor is one of Australia’s leading business advisors and trainers, with more than 30 years’ experience in business strategy, growth and execution across all industries ranging from motivated start-ups to working with businesses in excess of $100M turnover. She has founded, developed and sold over 12 successful businesses to date, using a proven methodology that has transformed hundreds of her clients’ businesses in Australia, USA and UK.

The foundation of Jane’s success lies in practical strategies that get results fast. At a certain stage of growth, many Tradie business owners find themselves caught in a classic bind between managing everyday operations and securing long-term, profitable growth. When you’re struggling through a sea of daily firefighting tasks, it’s easy to forget one uncomfortable truth: unless you have a business that can already work without you, it’s essentially worthless. Jane has an outstanding track record of helping company owners avoid this trap and secure a path to sustainable long-term growth and ongoing profitability.

Jane’s recipe for long-term success is simple, drive rapid iterative improvement across every operational aspect of the Tradie businesses, boosting customer loyalty and radically improving service and product quality along the way. Her clients often double or triple the profitability of their business in less than 12 months, without pressure on internal resources. She has a laser focus on strategy, with plans that keep business owners accountable and help them develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Jane’s depth of knowledge is unparalleled, with training in every area of business including sales, marketing, leadership, human resources, business strategy and finance. Whether it’s a start up or established business, Jane works with business owners to refine every detail from the ground up, to ensure the business is both efficient and profitable.

You will enjoy the insights that Jane shares around current and emerging trends impacting the industry and how these may be influencing Tradie businesses with great tips and tricks to encourage you and your business to be better prepared to build a stronger Tradie business foundation and set yourself up to be operating a spectacular and profitable Tradie business into the future.

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