Tips & Tricks – Bambrick Legal #67

Suzi Cengarle Senior Associate of Bambrick Legal

Suzi shares her journey in various business roles that ultimately led to her completing her Law degree we briefly touch on the successful services Suzi has completed for her clients. For those of you thinking about studying as a mature aged student there is sure to be some inspiration from Suzi has to share.

When then focus on the Law and what that Bambrick legal as a firm covers all service including commercial and civil litigation. Suzi takes us through what these services are and why you might need to use them. We chat about migration law, family law, estate planning and Suzi explains that they cover all aspects of law.

We then look at the more specific needs of Tradies and the legal options for how you might need to consider setting up your business and the protections you need to consider to protect you and your assets. Bambrick give some specific options for how you might structure your business and protect assets in the event things go wrong. Suzi also shares how setting up the right paperwork and flow is important for Tradies including contracts and how you use these within your business including Terms & Conditions , employment contracts,  Service contracts etc.

When then explore companies versus trusts and how this is a conversation you need to have to ensure you set up the business in a way that best meets your current and future needs. Bambrick legal cover the country and can help tradies with their individual and business needs as well as offering Innovative Tradies Club members with a great service. You will enjoy Suzi’s clear and relaxed insights into the law and how Bambrick Legal can help.

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