Tips and Tricks – TradiePad – Technology Training for Tradies #56

Clinton Cowin & Scott Simpson from TradiePad

Clinton tells us the story of how TradiePad started and how TradiePad has evolved over the last 10 years. Clinton shares his genuine curiosity around how technology could help the Tradie business he was working in, plus the launch of the iPad that occurred during that time.  Scott talks about his journey into TradiePad and a passion for the benefits of software and the opportunities for improvement and benefits that certain software can bring to Tradie businesses.

Clinton talks about how the introduction of iPad really changed the game and the research he did to find optons that could be combined with the iPad to build a solution that could simplify the paper-based administration into a digital solution that helped their Tradie business save time, money and a new way of doing business. Clinton talks about how this revolutionised the way their Plumbing business operated and how he saw the potential to takes this to many other Tradie businesses. In his experience it increased their professionalism in front of customers, enabled quoting and invoicing on the spot, taking payment while on the job which improved cashflow dramatically as well as the overall business efficiency.

Clinton talks about the TradiePad of today and how it is essentially a training organisation helping Tradies and Tradie businesses in implementing individual technology solutions that are best suited to their needs and into their business processes. Scott shares insights into the challenges with technology and how TradiePad supports Tradies in finding the right solutions and partner with them in the full implementation to ensure success.

Both Clinton and Scott share their experience and expertise in insights as to why all Tradies and Tradie business needs are not all the same and as such the critical need to really understand their current position and develop a solution that is fully aligned to the business needs at that time. They talk about how they  get an understanding of the overall Business Technology Platform when working on the best solutions for their clients.  Tradie businesses have so many different types of software for different functions of their business and in most cases, these are not integrated, connected or compatible and TradiePad are experts in changing this situation quickly and support Tradies in driving improvement, productivity, life balance, profitability and other potential life changing outcomes for Tradies and Tradie business.

You will enjoy the passion, enthusiasm and expertise that both Clinton and Scott share in making a difference with Tradies and Tradie businesses on the technology journey.


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