Tips and Tricks – Tradie Insurance with My IS #58

Sue Yeates from PSC My IS Insurance

We seek to find out what insurance cover Tradies and Tradie businesses need to ensure they are well protected. Sue talks about her experience in all thing’s insurance, before focusing on the most common covers that all Tradie businesses need to consider. Sue describes the general insurance maze and the complexity that comes with trying to work out what you need?

We start with “Public Liability Insurance” and what it covers. We then move onto “Product liability Insurance” and why this is also important to consider in your cover. When then move onto “Professional Indemnity Insurance” and the circumstances when you might need this coverage and what it protects. Sue then helps us to understand the other covers that Tradies should consider in their cover including “Tools of Trade Insurance”,  “Motor Vehicle Insurance”,  “Trailer Insurance”, “Portable electronic equipment insurance”, “Tax Audit insurance”, “Contractors or Risk insurance”,  “Personal Accident insurance”,  “Workers compensation insurance “and “Cyber insurance”.

Sue takes us through the process in selecting the right policies with you and your business needs and building a solution that protects you correctly. Sue shares some of the trends that Tradies experience with gaps in their insurance protection and thoughts on what they should consider to get the best cover including recording and marking all your assets. We look at why it is important to review your insurance cover every 12 months to make sure it is aligned to your needs.

Sue and the team at PSC My IS are ready and waiting to support you in getting the best solution and best cover.


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