Tips and Tricks Series – Groundplan online estimating #50

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Rex Redden, Founder and Director of Groundplan. Rex takes us through Groundplan from start to finish and explains how Groundplan enables Tradies to simply and easily design, measure and estimate their plans online, collaborate with their team online to create visually stunning takeoffs, while Groundplan accurately estimates materials and labour.

Rex talks us through how Groundplan is a cloud-based takeoff software serving all Tradies working in the construction trades. We start out at the top of the show hearing Rex’s extreme story as a young man, which saw Rex winning 3 world titles in his unique Trade background and travelling extensively in those younger years. Post that career, Rex take us through how he moved his focus into business and as a start up company developed Simtrac which was later sold. 

Rex tell us about the learning from that early business experience and how this led into working with Tradies through his curiosity in the estimating world.He talks about the discovery stage of understanding how Tradies were designing, measuring and estimating plans and how this insight helped him and the team in developing a software to improve the accuracy and fast track that process for Tradies. The lack of utilisation and the benefits of technology, opened the opportunity to simplify the business part of estimating Rex describes how Groundplan is a purpose-built estimating Software for Trades Subcontractors, General Contractors and Suppliers, and has them all covered.

Groundplan is a takeoff and estimating software for any Trade which is easy to apply to any Tradie business. Rex also shares how Groundplan can easily integrate with other systems, programs and processes such as SimPRO. AroFlo, Xero etc. Rex describes how easy it is for Tradies to learn how to implement and run Groundplan as well as the training and support that Groundplan offers Tradies who are looking for that additional peace of mind.

Now would be the ideal time to get curious and transition from the old way of doing your design and estimating, If you can invest 30 minutes to speak with Groundplan, you will be sure to better understand how you and your Tradie business should invest and make Groundplan part of your Tradie business process.


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