Tips and Tricks – Daniel Palumbo -Trade Up #55

Daniel Palumbo, Director of “Trade Up Consulting”

Daniel brings a wealth of corporate experience in the Plumbing Industry with a 22+ year career with Reece Group, the leading Australian distributor of plumbing, waterworks and HVAC-R products to residential, commercial and infrastructure customers through 800 branches in Australia, New Zealand. Daniel takes us through the great experience and learning that this career provided and how it led to Daniel becoming the Chief Operations Officer.

With such an impressive career in the industry Daniel talks about the change that he has observed in the market over that 22 years around technology, innovation and product development. The mobile phone being the biggest change to the way Tradies connect, communicate and order with the branches. Product Innovation has driven productivity and efficiency such as the hot and cold press systems for water and gas, highlighting the fact labour rates are so high in Australia and time saving is such a critical advantage for Tradies. We discuss in detail how Digital innovation is the other major change driver in the industry with smart phones, business software, access to information and connectivity being so important to the operations of Tradie businesses.

We move into the challenges Tradie businesses have with their operations, running their business. Tradies are well trained in the skills and knowledge of their trade, but there is a gap with most not having that formal business training when starting out and this is a huge opportunity to help Tradies and Tradie businesses. The micro businesses (1– 5) are the ones that are spending many hours on the job and then many hours on the admin and the gap between the best and worse highlighting the need to be able to reach out and support them in changing this situation.

Daniel has worked with thousands of Tradie businesses over the years and shares some thoughts into running a Tradie business including; marketing, differentiation, technology, digitisation, developing value, your purpose and the “Why”, business planning, the numbers, operations, communications, relationships, suppliers, partnerships and many other high value insights that will help Tradies to think about what they do and how they do it.

Daniel’s experience and expertise in the Industry provides outstanding insights that we know you are going to enjoy.


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