Meet the Team

John Warren

Co-founder, Innovative Tradies Club

35+ Years Industry Sales & Coaching Experience
Culminating as Commercial Training Manager, Schneider Electric, Pacific Zone; before recently foundering Business Fitness Group & co-foundering Innovative Tradies Club. His career started as an electrician with vast experience in commercial and industrial construction.
15 Years Capability
Developing & implementing sales programs, workshops, sales training, business planning, keynote speaking & coaching across the electrical industry including manufacturers, distributors, Systems Integrators, Electrical Contractors & other Industry Influencers.
Innovative Tradies Club will bring fresh insight, experience and expertise into to the way you do business in the future.

Ashley Ralph

Co-founder, Innovative Tradies Club

25+ Year Industry Sales & Leadership Experience
High performing business leader with vast experience in the electrical & construction Industry. Leading sales, marketing & events teams both locally and internationally. He started his career as an electrician before founding and operating his own successful electrical contracting business.
15 Years Capability
Extensive loyalty and incentive program management has paved the way for new and exciting opportunities to utilise his passion for working with Tradies and business development.
Innovative Tradies Club is all about family values, time and relationships.