Podcast Episode


Tradie Tales – Insights of an Electrician #EP9

If you are a Construction Tradie or Tradie business owner, then this could well be the Tradie insight you've been searching for as Ash & JW take you through a journey in their world of transforming tradieology and inviting you to join them at Innovative Tradies Club.

Tradie Tales – A Sparky’s view #EP10

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Miles Astley, Miles is the Managing Director of MAES (Miles Astley Electrical Services). Miles takes us through his journey from Tradie, to a partnership in a Tradie business before starting his own Tradie business MAES and how family is such an important part of MAES. We also talk about the impacts of change, technology and productivity as the market and its customers are constantly evolving.

Tips & Tricks Series – Eyes on the Numbers #EP11

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Amanda Watchman, Amanda is the Managing Director of RittWatchman & Associates. Amanda is a qualified Accountant who transitioned into Partner of RittWatchman & Associates following her vast experience in supporting 1000's of clients in their business needs. Amanda helps us better understand the tips and tricks that Tradies need to consider when it comes to managing the numbers, how technology is changing the accounting game in a positive way and sharing best practices for setting up & running a Tradie business.

Tips & Tricks Series – How Dell Technologies is driving human progress #EP12

In this show Ash & JW are joined by Chris Osborn, Chris is the Regional Director for Dell Technologies. Chris has a wealth of experience & an extensive career in the IT industry enjoying the last 16 years with Dell Technologies. Chris informs us of the emerging trends that are driven by the digital transformation, how innovation and technology is changing our workplaces, the value & productivity gains from leveraging the new technologies. Chris also explains the Tips and Tricks for Tradies when choosing the right IT solution for them and their business. Finally, Chris shares the amazing Dell Technologies deals available to the Premium Innovative Tradies Club members.