Podcast Episode


Tips & Tricks – Craig Herden – De Jonge Read #69

Craig Herden, Strategist De Jonge Read - Specialist Business Consultants. To start with Craig, explain how financial pressure can be debilitating. The stress, the pressure, the fear of losing everything - it can be hard to think clearly. The way forward can look so confusing, so many different unfamiliar terms and jargon, it can seem like people are talking a different language.  A Tradie businesses it is all about managing cashflow and this is one the biggest issues facing Tradie businesses when the working capital and cashflow is not as it should be and does lead into problems that can escalate quickly if not addressed.

Toolbox Talks – David McGarGill – Private Clients Services #70

David McGarGill Managing Director,  Luke Robertson Directors of Mortgages join us again for our first Tool Box Talk. During this show we really focus on the most current situation and the emerging trends in the financial environment. Private Client Services Australia Pty Ltd is a well-established company with over 100 years of combined experience among the team. This experience will give you the satisfaction of knowing you are dealing with professionals who know their industry. All Tradies that run their Tradie business need to hear what David has to share around the most current trends in the financial and loan market that might help you make better decisions on what steps you might want to take and encourage you to get advice that is best for you and your needs.

Tips & Tricks – Jane Challinor – Real Business Group #71

Jane Challinor, Chief of Strategy, Real Business Group. Jane’s recipe for long-term success is simple, drive rapid iterative improvement across every operational aspect of the Tradie businesses, boosting customer loyalty and radically improving service and product quality along the way. Her clients often double or triple the profitability of their business in less than 12 months, without pressure on internal resources. She has a laser focus on strategy, with plans that keep business owners accountable and help them develop the skills they need to achieve their goals. Jane’s depth of knowledge is unparalleled, with training in every area of business including sales, marketing, leadership, human resources, business strategy and finance.