Podcast Episode


Tradie Tales – The Vaccaro Group #53

The Vaccaro group are leaders in electrical, Air Conditioning and Security. We have a great discussion about the importance of business process, digitisation, operating systems, technology, communication flow, efficiencies, operations and job management. We then move onto the importance of being a family business, people, culture, motivation, performance and rewards

Tradie Tales – Build Like A Girl #54

WE WANT TO SEE MORE FEMALE TRADIES. THAT'S IT. SIMPLE RIGHT? Females make up less than 2% of Tradespeople in the Construction Industry. We partner with training providers and employers to help women enter into a trade role, become qualified and be supported on their journey. We are Tradeswomen who are here to support our current and future Tradeswomen.

Tips and Tricks – Daniel Palumbo -Trade Up #55

With such an impressive career in the industry with Reece Group, Daniel talks about the change that he has observed in the market over that 22 years around technology, innovation and product development.

Tips and Tricks – TradiePad – Technology Training for Tradies #56

Clinton talks about how the introduction of iPad really changed the game and the research he did to find options that could be combined with the iPad to build a solution that could simplify the paper-based administration into a digital solution that helped their Tradie business save time, money and a new way of doing business.